Why is Physical Activity Important?

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Why Is Fitness Important And What Should Be Your Approach?

Why is fitness important? I just gave a ride to a man who is 37 years old and suffering from congestive heart failure. He is possibly going to need to get a pacemaker implant soon if his condition hasn’t improved. I feel for him, and he’s forced to take life in stride and has had to slow down as he works with doctors to figure out his next steps. We all face hardships in life, and his story is on my mind. I will be praying for him, and it’s just a reminder that we can’t take our health for granted.

That’s why fitness is important. We all have bodies that age, and we face different circumstances, health conditions and more. We are tasked with doing the best we can with the bodies we have. Without making fitness a priority, are we doing the best we can? We aren’t perfect, so we’re not going to get it right every time.

It is important to focus on physical fitness so that we can make a move towards staying healthy. The parts of the body and its systems are all connected. When we help one part, we help the others. Different forms of exercise and a balanced diet can make a big difference in our overall health.

While we will never get it right all the time, it’s important to strive towards our short-term and long-term goals in regards to physical fitness. Do you try to get a workout in every day? If not, then take baby steps towards accomplishing that goal. Do you try to eat a balanced diet? If not, think of ways you can make improvements, a little at a time. Don’t do everything all at once because you can’t possibly think of everything.

Diet and exercise is a lifelong learning process, and your body has to make adjustments. It’s about the daily decisions we face, and you’re going to have to make them one at a time. You’re also going to have to continue to learn more about diet and fitness, and yes, you’re going to be making plans and setting goals, too.

Just because you make plans and set goals doesn’t mean you see the big picture. We have to live life one day at a time, and so we are tasked with doing the best we can with what we know. Give the rest to God, and see where he leads you. Each decision you make can be a victory and an encouragement. Don’t take the whole weight of lifestyle changes on your shoulders. Start now, whether it’s a decision about to eat or what to do next.

Each decision matters. We can often be caught up in planning relentlessly, only to count on our power to pull us through this big organized plan we come up with on our own. When in fact, all we have to do is make the right decisions, one step at a time. Try tackling diet and fitness that way because it can make a big difference.